Why use PopShop live:

  • PopShop is a fun way to interact with artists and other viewers, kind of like an online convention!
  • Shipping is $5.99 flat rate to anywhere in the US. As the store releases an item, you can purchase it immediately and it won’t be taken out of your cart. At the end of the show, your purchases will be combined and you’ll pay $5.99 combined for anything up to 5 lbs. People outside of the US will have to ship to a US address, or purchase later from my website.

How to use PopShop Live:

  • You can download the app from Apple or Android.
  • If you don’t have access to a phone, you can use a browser on your iPad or computer.
  • When you make an account it will ask for your phone number and a referral code. Type SUNSET into the referral code.
  • Add a photo and your name. Other show participants and stores will be able to see your name and photo.
  • Add a shipping address. (USA addresses for shipping ONLY. Please type US for country) If you have more than one address, make sure you have the correct address set for default.
  • Add a payment method. Credit card purchases are the quickest option for live payment.
  • Add shops to follow! You can do this by clicking the search button, then clicking stores. Type in the store’s secret code to find them. Mine is SUNSET.
  • You can find Lasebrain Patch Co: WIZARD, Oddment & Tweak: OTLIVE, BBCRE8: PINPAL, Witherwingswares: BIGFAT, Kimchi Kreative: KIMCHI.

How does it work:

PopShop Live is a streaming shopping show. Every month, I will host a show you’ll hear of in advance where I will drop new pins and products, have fun games and prizes, and often I’ll have giveaways. What’s great about PopShop is the interactive nature of it – it almost feels like we’re hanging out at a convention together! If you miss the show, I'll have a separate drop on my website either the next day or another date I'll establish in advance.

PopShop can be viewed by anyone, but only people shipping to the United states may purchase from the store. If you are an international buyer, you will have to use a friends address in the US, establish a US shipping service address, or purchase directly from my website. Shipping is $5.99 flat rate for up to 5 lbs. All of your orders will be combined into one order with one shipping fee at the end of the show.